Saturday, June 30, 2012

birthday wishes

 i am a big fan of having a summer birthday, particularly because i have spent almost every birthday from the last fifteen years with my sweet family in my favorite place: hebgen lake, montana. and i can't wait to be there in just a short month!

it's the best.

i also enjoy bugging my husband by frequently asking him what he is going to do for my birthday. last year he pulled off one of the best birthday surprises ever [showing up at an efy dance, sneaking into and decorating my room, gorgeous flowers... you get the idea], so i'm expecting big things.

he likes to respond with "i have no idea" but i think he is brewing up something great in that brain of his. he asked me to come up with a list of ten things i would love to be "surprised" with for my birthday so he at least has some direction and some ideas. i've put some thought into this and compiled a list of sorts, and i thought it would be fun share. maybe you can get some ideas for your upcoming birthday!

so there is my list. i'm particularly fond of number eight, a good love letter is always a winner with me. [we just watched pride and prejudice so maybe anj can get some inspiration from that]. for some reason i have a slight obsession with venus razors and yellow just happens to be my favorite color. that cute patterned dress is on sale at anthro and i think it is so fun! as for number nine, i'm always looking for healthier ways to take care of my hair and apparently these curlers use way less heat. hooray! i probably couldn't tell the time to save my life on number two [did you know i struggle with time-telling?], but i really do think it is adorable.

if you could pick one, which would you choose?

p.s. does anyone have a good blowdryer recommendation? i haven't had one in about a year and i think it's time i find a good one... let me know if you love yours!


  1. Liebeser award (:

  2. here's the deal--you obviously have an eye for fashion...can you throw something together on a very limited budget? my 30 year (can't believe it...) we have a luau one night and dinner dance the next night. i want to look smashing...can you help?

    Aunt Rebecca

  3. should proofread comment before send--30 year high school reunion and it is aug. 3 and 4

    aunt rebec