Monday, November 7, 2016


Andrew had two weeks to basically study 24/7 for and take 4 board exams, so Ray and I decided to take a little trip to California. We had a blast and took lots of pictures, so here goes! 
Ray was an awesome little guy on our flight. Everyone was impressed.

Reunited with Grandma!!
Breakfast with Mike at Rick's

When I was just a little tyke, my mom and dad took me to a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay for my first Halloween. We had to go visit the same with Ray.

Riding the train
We love Grandma!

You can always count on a good pic when you ask someone else to take it.
Best little pumkin baby.

Ray loved hanging with Uncle Mike
We had to stop in SF to see Rylee so we went to lunch at the Ferry Building. We had Grilled Cheeses at the Cowgirl Creamery. Yum!
Ray has recently become fascinated with food.

Being the youngest means getting to attend all your sibling's sporting events and never having anyone attend yours... so it was a treat to get to Michael's cross country meet. He is SO fast!

Did I mention Ray loves his uncle Mike?
Pedicures and Acai bowls while Grandpa watched Ray.

Grandpa time!

Such a ham. 

Reading time with Grandma. They read lots and lots and lots of stories throughout our trip.

Ray's first dip in the pool.

Though he looks confused, I think he liked it.

We had to hit another pumpkin patch with Grandpa and Mike to have a little photoshoot with Ray's costumes. 

I just love my little pumpkin.

I decided Ray should probably be BBQ sauce for Halloween since everyone calls him "Sweet Baby Ray" so I put together this little costume.  

Sunday we went to church to hear Mike sing and it was a treat. Everyone loved meeting Ray too. (And he looked pretty darn cute)

More reading time with Grandma!

Last day = Snuggles

Saying goodbye is never fun.

We ate lots of good food, read lots of stories, and just spent lots of time enjoying one another's company. Ray sure makes life fun for everyone!