Saturday, June 23, 2012

and now presenting.... juju

i have a fabulous job.
in fact it is something that i have always wanted to do.
i'm a waitress at gunther toody's diner, but i'm not just any old waitress....

i'm juju
(probably my favorite new hairstyle)

i get to wear red lipstick to work. i get to do my hair. i get to introduce myself as juju. i get to say things like "howdy doody", "what's shakin' bacon", "see ya later alligator", "thanks for cruisin' in". i get to wear a pink bowling shirt and pearls. i pretty much have a fifties alter ego when i walk through the doors. i love it and i want to share a little taste with you... 

so now, the many faces of juju:

wait there's more!

we are required to have pins to decorate our shirts.
 a little taste of the diner, jukebox and all.
 our famous deal nights... mondays and wednesdays are always busy!
my girl 'peewee'. 
 red lips required. 
 everyone loves the red booths. 
our "break table"... i guess we didn't take the sign to heart. 
lulu, dee-dee, and juju at our finest.
 at every table.
 a good waitress has a rainbow variety of pens and stickers on her book. 
the creepy children sticker was given to me with the book... 
 my lucky pin from mike!
gunther toody's specials.
 humorous fact: when you walk out of the women's bathroom you may be worried for a minute, never fear... they just put that men sign there to trick you. 

welp. i think that gives you all a pretty good idea.
i truly do love my job, and last night i hit my first $100+ in tips! yippeee. 
i love the crazy people i work with, i love being juju, and i love checking a dream off the list!

if you live in colorado springs come see me! 

and as i sign all my receipts... 
thanks for shakin' with us! 
love, juju


  1. I am dying to go to gunther toody's and be served by Juju!!!!!

  2. Mads, you and Andrew need to have a photo shoot at the red booth before you leave. Please! It would be soooooo cute. You looked darling in all your different faces of JuJu. So creative even with your hair, eye make up and cute pencil drawn heart shaped moles. I love you