Monday, June 18, 2012

a new decade for dad

holy cow.
my dad is officially the big 5-0!
that makes me feel old!

okay. not really. but because i just told the whole world that my dad is fifty, i owe him so i have compiled a list of fifty reasons why my dad is awesome. in fact, the awesome-est. here we go

FIFTY reasons why my dad is awesome.

1. he is the most generous person i know.
2. he is kind.
3. he has an uncanny ability to make anyone gullible and believe whatever he makes up.
4. he is a hardworker.
5. he understands numbers like no one's business.
6. he has a passion for traveling.
7. he served a mission.
8. he served a mission in korea.
9. he helped build the chicago temple.
10. he's been to every state in the usa. probably twice.
11. he is an awesome fisherman.
12. he has amazing eyesight - he can spot fish in deep rivers, eagles in dense forests, amazing!
13. he does crossfit.
14. he is funny.
15. he takes me shopping for the best produce whenever i'm in town.
16. he makes the best mozzarella tomato stacks.
17. he is a great young men's president.
19. he looks great in sunglasses.
20. he often wears sunglasses.
21. he is a grilling master.
22. he makes the tastiest mustard marinade.
23. he read me the hobbit.
24. he rocks plaid button-ups.
25. he is a great boat driver.
26. he still skis on one.
27. he is a handy man.
28. he is the best at working the fastpass system at disneyland (or he was until Dave and Wilson's epic day of all fastpass epic-ness)
29. he walks me through all my car problems.
30. he's a pro at volleyball. :)
31. he's a pro at packing school lunches.
32, he let me and j drive the bronco - the coolest car ever.
33. he got my mom a mini cooper for her fortieth birthday - the second coolest car ever.
34. he understands the stock market.
35. he's a venture capitalist - 90% of people don't know what that is.
36. he always takes us to tasty dinners when he visits in provo.
37. he likes sports.
38. he's a good listener. when i call home and my mom isn't around he always listens to my crazy stories!
39. he knows his tools. in the garage and in the kitchen.
40. he could probably survive in the woods for a long time.
41. he has great sense of direction.
42. he takes us to montana.
43. he has an large, old coca cola bottle full of coins that often come in handy. it is quite heavy.
44. he's a man of few words but he makes his word count.
45. he has facebook. (and instagram)
46. he loves all of us and shows it in his own ways.
47. he truly can do anything.
48. when it comes to trying foods he is fearless. and encourages us to be fearless too. it works sometimes.
49. he is the best storyteller i know - ask him about aguba aguba wa!
50. he takes such good care of everyone around him, especially his family, and he has truly made his fifty years of life count!

if you made it through all that, hopefully you learned something new and great about my pops.
he really is the best, most generous man and he is such a great example to me and andrew. we love him so much.


happy birthday dad.

sure love you. hope this new decade is a great one!

p.s. did you notice there wasn't an 18? don't worry. it's right here. just seeing if i could getcha... it's something my dad would do.

18. he chooses the right.

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  1. I did not notice 18 was missing, but I asked Dad. He noticed right after he read 17 and before he read 19! You got me, but not Dad!