Sunday, June 10, 2012

an outfit and sunday picnic among friends

another lovely week,
another lovely sunday.
i was able to go home this week to see my sweet sister graduate from high school [crazy!]
more on that to come

today i decided try a kind of risky pairing... dots on dots
i texted mom and jenn for support, mom said, "I think it is adorable!" and j said, "it might be a little much but you could probably pull it off". i took the chance, and i quite liked it!

 i just got the top on a shopping trip with mom, we stopped at this fun little boutique called francesca's... it was full of great treats!
 anj was looking pretty darn handsome today too. 
 just using self timer behind the nearby albertsons.. super classy.

 we also got invited to a sunday picnic with some other married couples from our ward who live in our little apartment complex. we were in charge of a side dish and whipped up this fruit salad.
 it was a perfect day for a picnic.
 jack spent most of the picnic chasing cute little lily, and she spent most of the picnic running away. 
starting off young!
 it was quite a feast!
 picnic love
 tasty picnic fare. one couple brought this delicious toffee dip for the apples. yum!
 the whole bunch.
 it really was a great way to spend a breezy sunday afternoon, and it is so fun to have made some new friends here!

hope you all have a great week!

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