Saturday, June 25, 2011

i feel my savior's love

if you want to know how my week went,
this might give you a pretty good idea.
and this will give you an even better idea.
 yes. yes my week was crazy.
 i had a fabulous group of girls, and a crazy group of boys.
and let me tell you, i had a week of miracles.

 winning the cheer competition was just one of them.

 i've never felt so much love in one week.
or laughed so hard.
 josh and i loved our kids. 
they are ours.
and we will always look back on this week so fondly.
 and even though they were out of control
 and spent the whole week trying to get josh and i to fall in love
 there was just something so special about this group
 and though i am completely exhausted
 i had great kids this week.

i truly felt my savior's love for them this week.
and for me too.
it really is in all the world around me.
higher then the earth.
logan 02
efy 2011.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

my dad

if i had to describe my dad and i only got one word, i know exactly what word i would choose:


my dad is the best example of quiet generosity. he gives willingly and freely and most of the time you would never know it. he has the best sense of humor and is quite creative. i have never met a better storyteller. my dad is smart, and wise, and is always looking ahead. he is a leader and he is an example to all those around him. he has an appreciation for the world and for the earth that i am so grateful for. in life my dad always chooses family first, and that is important. my dad loves me.

happy birthday and happy father's day dad.
you really are the best. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

living the dream

back when i was 14 years old i went to efy
i had a counselor named kate
i thought she was easily the coolest person i knew,
and at the end of the week i knew one day i would be a counselor too.

fast forward to college 2008.
i did playmill for two years so i wasn't sure if i'd have the chance to do efy
fast forward to winter of 2010.
somehow things seemed to just fall into place and guess what
here i am.

my first week of efy.
i've had one and a half glorious days.
i take care of twelve beautiful girls.
i have a wild company of 40 kids.
i am being that person that six years ago i was looking up to,
and i love it.

i love efy.
it changes lives.

how official am i?

Friday, June 10, 2011


why are they so good?
even when there is no place to build a fire 
and you get to resort to the over-the-stove method.
shmearing shmallows all over grahams?
the best.

flannels are great for roasting.
 a quality summer night scene
i like this boy.
 cousins are the best friends.
we had a somewhat difficult time capturing everyone.
first you take the graham!
keep those summer nights coming!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

why hello there summer.

i almost forgot what you were like.

daylight til nine pm.
cherry limeades.
rooftop concerts.
seven peaks sunburns.
air dried hair.
new sandals.
tan lines.
driving with the windows down.
lazy days.
summer love.
best friends reunited.

2011 is a summer like never before.
who are we kidding? 
2011 is a year like never before. 
dreams. come. true. 

summer outifts
 lobster legs?
 mindy's trunk had a few treats
 concert goers
 summer smiles
 cousin love
 love this beautiful gal
 provo summertime and the livin is easy
 summer colors
 name that face?
 cowpie cupcakes

 mindy and cjane. yippee.
 glad my bestie is back from africa
shoe tower.
alright, that's all.
i. love. summer.