Friday, June 1, 2012

memorial day baseball dreams

memorial day on monday was an extra special treat. because anj got off early, we decided to head up to denver for a rockies game! we were extra excited because the tickets advertised fireworks after the game... who doesn't love fireworks?
the rockies happen to be anj's favorite team, so we were pretty pumped for the game.
 we ended up buying tickets in the 'rockpile' and so we had an awesome view of the field and everything that was going on!
it was fun to meet up with sue, sam, and ben. and we had a grand old time eating baseball treats, cheering for the team, and avoiding numerous beer spills. (the joys of baseball)
 though i begged anj for some peanuts and cracker jacks, they cost a pretty penny, so i decided to brave my fears and eat a hot dog. yikes! everyone else played it safe and stuck with nachos...
 doesn't look half bad does it?
 nacho cheese
he's na-cho man, he's mine!
 view from the rock pile!!!
i had a great old time watching my bud dexter fowler tear it up in the outfield. we have the same wedding photographer and appear next to each other on her blog so obviously we are now buds. best buds. 
 it was a pretty intense game and it even went into extra innings, of course my man dex scored the winning run and the rockies won their second game of the day against the astros!
 rockies win!!
 though we didn't know this at first, we found out that because the rockpile is right in the firework danger zone we all got to head down to the field to watch the show!!
 i think it was a super fun dream come true for all of us to walk and play and sit on a MLB field. sam and ben were picking grass for good luck, people were making baseball field angels, everyone was cheering.. it was such a treat!
 me and susie probably standing right where my bud dexter did. 
 lots more pictures about us being super stoked on the field

 a great memorial date!
 a little love in the foul ball dirt
 laying on the field with my love watching probably one of the best firework shows i have ever seen just made me so entirely happy. it was the perfect end to a super fun night and it made me so grateful for my wonderful husband and for this wonderful country i live in!
i hope you all had a lovely memorial day too!


  1. Don't let Brett see this! He'll be SOOOOO jealous. :)

  2. I went to a baseball game on memorial day too! The giants beat the diamondbacks :) but it was a matinee game so no fireworks :( what a great way to start the summer, huh?