Saturday, October 29, 2011

young at heart

two of my most favorite things in life
(and mind you i have a lot of favorite things)

are 1. Disneyland and 2. The Zoo

i wish i could tell you i went to disneyland yesterday,
alas, i did not and the zoo will have to do.

and the zoo did do.
i love the zoo
and to tell you the truth,
i'm not quite sure why

staring at animals who are placed in glorified cages that are supposed to look like their natural environments is a little, well, disheartening when you really think about it.

but let's not think about it.
because all that aside, the zoo is awesome.
you get to see animals who seem at home in their own little environments and can travel from the deserts of africa to the jungles of asia with mere steps. you can take pictures (which to me seems like cheating but i do it anyway) of a lounging gorilla or a grazing giraffe.

the zoo brings out the kid in me,
and i love it.
especially when i get to go with lots of people i love too.

see below
enjoy some 'cheating' animal shots
 nothing beats the zoo + fall foliage
 cutie girls
 more fall foliage
 not a flamingo
 possibly poisonous
 too cute to be poisonous
giraffe love
 is one arm longer than the other?
 dino egg friends
 'osie' makes the cutest turtle
 and i think we all could pass for prairie dogs
hooray for the zoo!

Monday, October 24, 2011


109 followers. 409 pins. 7 boards.

so what's up with this whole pinterest thing?
let me tell you.

it's addicting.

[oh wait. 411 pins.]

so addicting i continue to pin things while i blog.
it's easy.
it's fun.

it's lots and lots of pretty pictures in one pretty place.

my best friend mindy told a boy she finally gave in and got herself on pinterest.
he said something like, "pinterest, when a girl gets that it can only mean one thing: she is planning her wedding"

this is not necessarily true,
although i do post my fair share of wedding photos,
pinterest is much more than that. 

why do i pinterest?

1. i like pretty pictures

2. i like the little self confidence boost i get everytime someone repins something of mine

3. i like that if i like something i can just pin it quick and easy and save it forever

4. i like seeing what my friends pin

5. i like that it is organized

6. i like that it is easy breezy beautiful

7. and you know what, if someday i need to plan a wedding, i will have lots of great ideas on hand

[416 pins.]

some grand examples. 

love love love
 top knot
hair do
 seine engagement?
wedded bliss
 refabric-ed toms
shoes shoes and mores shoes
 white elegance
color my world
 orange chair
doll house
i pinterest,
and i love it.

why do you pinterest?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

senior night dreams

i'd like to say my life is a little bit whimsical.
or maybe it's just that i like to do things on a whim.

for example:
yesterday morning my mom calls me and asks if dad should check and see if he has enough miles to fly me out for jenn's senior night volleyball game the next day.

i say yes please.

a few hours and phone calls later,
i have a flight booked for three the next day.
(hooray for having enough miles)

and today i hopped on a plane that brought me to sunny california
to surprise my little sis.

she played great
the game was great
i cannot believe it was her last home game of her high school career
and i cannot believe i got to be here to see it.
(and take plenty of pictures)
hooray for whimsy.

i love volleyball. and j. and my home. on a tuesday night. in the middle of october.

i love her 'i just killed it' face
 hey, i'm a super senior too!
 the good old days
 loyal pinewood fans?
 brotherly love
 even the grandparents made an appearance
 long legs.
 sibling support
 best friends
j's biggest fans

 senior night treats. yum.
 cookies provided by mother bodine.
 sibs all together
 gramps in action.
 i loved everything about tonight.

Monday, October 17, 2011

seven things.

i'm not usually one to do these silly kinds of things,

but i like the cute girl who tagged me quite a lot,
so why not?

apparently i am now supposed to write seven random things about me-self.
so here goes...

1. i love gumballs. if i see a gumball machine, i better have a quarter on hand.

2. i wear wildlife tees at least once a month. usually more. definitely more. you know what i am talking about? t-shirts with wolves and elk and nature scenes? i like to howl at full moons too.

3. i speak french. i love french. i've lived french. meaning i lived in france, once. it was parfait.

4. i don't deal well with contention. i like all people to be happy.

5. i am trying to learn to like eggs. i don't like eggs. but i want to like them. why do they have to be so not tasty? i am trying.

6. i am not a fan of long fingernails. in fact i don't like them one bit. especially when boys' fingernails are too long. or mine. sometimes i bite them when i can't stand it any longer and am nowhere near mindy's handy dandy manicure kit. gross.

7. i'm in love, i'm in love and i don't care who knows it!

that is all.
thanks sweet kellee jo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

when we get married

remember how i have a dream of being a wedding photographer?
oh you don't?
well i do.

two weekends ago i was lucky to live the dream for a hot minute.
my beautiful aunt flew me out to colorado
for a quick trip
(a very quick trip)
to take some pictures of her reception and her new family.

it was an absolute blast.
it was a wild day but everything came together beautifully.
i loved seeing how many people were so ready and willing to help out sue's sweet family
i loved meeting Greg and his darling children.
crash course in sign language? a treat.
everyone had such a fabulous time and sue and greg just seemed so blissfully in love.

and you know what,
i think the pictures turned out pretty good too.


i got to take a few pictures of the fam.
aren't they adorable
 gorgeous mother and daughter

love you suzy q.
thanks for letting me come.