Tuesday, May 17, 2016


On April 9th, Andrew took one of the biggest tests of his career after studying 10-12 hours a day for six straight weeks. Killer. After the test (Step 1), we decided to celebrate his one week break between second and third year with a little "babymoon" trip to the Keys. 

We hadn't been down yet, so we decided to stay in the middle in Marathon and venture around for a few days. We ate LOTS of tasty food, tried every key lime pie available (more to come on that), explored all kinds of beautiful views, and enjoyed each other's company.

We kicked off the trip with dinner at Hobo's Cafe in Key Largo.
We decided to stay at this little hotel that was fairly inexpensive called "Captain Pips Hideaway." Sounds good, right? In our confirmation email, it mentioned that the check in area was tricky to find and gave some obscure directions including non-existent mile markers, billboards, and other randomness. Eventually after driving around in the dark and making several u-turns, we realized this green shed was the "lobby." Classic. We found our check in packet and then spent the next 30 minutes trying to find our "light tropical green" room. 

Aside from the challenge of actually finding where we were supposed to stay... our room was actually really nice! We'd definitely recommend Captain Pips!
It was quite quaint during the day.

We started the next morning with a killer breakfast at The Stuffed Pig (don't mind my ginormous plate... I ate it all) and then headed to Sombrero Beach, which was just a few minutes away from our hotel. It was a peaceful little beach, and we even saw a dolphin a little bit off the shore!

Can you see the dolphin?

Had to stop for a sno-ball!
After the beach, we drove down the rest of the way to Key West. 

We like to get a piece of art whenever we go on a trip, and we got totally conned into "buying" this work of art from Jeff. We lingered a little too long and suddenly he was writing a note to our baby in sharpie on the back of the canvas and giving it to us as a "gift." Of course we gave him a good tip and had a good laugh. 
We did a lot of walking, explored Duval Street, tried several different key lime pies, and even made it down to the Southernmost Point (where we waited 30+ minutes in line to get a picture!).
On our way back up Duval street, we popped in at the Butterfly Conservatory, and I loved it! The people in front of us were using this coupon, so I quickly pulled it up on my phone and we got the discount. It's small but with the coupon it's totally worth it. We saw tons of beautiful butterflies and birds. 

After another round of key lime pie, we headed back to Marathon and went to the Seven Mile Bridge to watch the sunset.

Can't get over those cotton candy skies!
It was perfect.
The next morning we slept in and did some relaxing in our hammock at the bungalow.

Then we packed up our bags and drove up to Key Largo to for a picnic lunch and Snorkel Tour in Pennekamp Park.
We decided to snag one of those sweet underwater disposable cameras at KMart (along with a rash guard for my very sunburn prone husband), and although most of our pictures turned out like this (LOL)... we got some good ones:

We saw a very random statue of Christ and lots of fish, including some HUGE barracudas. The water was gorgeous and warm, which was perfect for a day of snorkeling. I got some funny looks on the boat while i was trying to scoot off the edge with my big belly, but it was totally worth it. Love being a submarine for this little baby.

After our snorkel tour, we decided to have one last fancy dinner and ended up at Sundowners and got a table right on the dock. The food was delicious, the view was beautiful, and of course we ended the night with some key lime pie.

I sure love adventuring with this dude!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Woodland Baby Shower

In the beginning of March, I was able to fly home for my baby shower in Los Altos. It was hosted by the wonderful Allyson Whitlock and Lisa Wheatley, so you know it was a good time. From the perfect woodland decor to the delicious food to the much-awaited performance, everything turned out just right, and it was such a treat to feel so celebrated.

I am so grateful that I was able to grow up in such a great place surrounded by such loving people who still care about my life, my family, and what I am up to... even if I live on the other side of the country. It was such a treat to be surrounded by the women who I have known and looked up to since I was little. Thank you to all who celebrated and supported me! 

The lovely hostesses

The decor
 The food (YUM)
It was such a treat to have my grandma and grandpa in town to attend the shower!
The Silver Fox was pretty pumped about this decor item.
The lovely guests. I just can't get over everyone in their ears!!!

So fun to have my friend from BYU Rylee there! She's currently living in SF while her husband goes to dental school, so it worked out perfectly for her to come.
Preparing for the performance of a lifetime. Lisa, Allyson, and my momma love the limelight, and they know how to shine. Of course they rewrote all the words to the Sound of Music (one of my faves) and put on a show, complete with costume changes, lederhosen, nuns, and more.
There were tears, there was laughter, there were many adorable gifts. 
This little boy is already too spoiled!
Love all these ladies!
It was all around just a totally fun time.

P.S. I was able to get my dream rocking chair with the money I received from the group gift. I'm still waiting for it to come in, but I couldn't be more excited:

Thanks again for such a wonderful time. So much love!