Sunday, June 24, 2012

sunday reflections

some random reflections and thoughts on the past week or two...

after having no power for four days, i realized how much we take electricity for granted.
i have never been so excited to turn on the bathroom light and be able to see in the mirror. 
wildfires are hitting all over our town, and families are being evacuated left and right.
again i am so grateful for safety, comfort, and electricity.
 this month i've managed to find myself at costco eating samples for lunch not once, but twice.
have you had their chickpea and spinach patties? the perfect snack.
 my amazingly awesome husband sold four security systems in one day. his manager who is the best salesman around hasn't even done that. i am so proud of my anj, and in celebration of his feat i took myself to get a pedicure. 
(it was heavenly.)
the most amazing thing about anj is that not only does he pretty much sell well consistently, but on the unusual day that he doesn't he still has an amazing attitude, which makes me even more proud.  
 post-pedicure pic.
anj is also just really cute. i love when we match for date night. and wearing his comfy red v-neck all day. and that he took me out to a tasty steak dinner that hit the spot so good. sometimes you just need a perfectly cooked filet.
stove top s'mores are tasty, but they'll never beat a real flame.
 german pancakes are a perfect sunday breakfast.
 especially if you add ripe summer berries and nutella. yum.
madeline barnett? i have a feeling it is only the beginning.
 i've been really into the sunday braid lately. today's version below:
we like to rock the accessories. big watches. cuff links. statement necklace. keepin' it classy.
when i got this shirt i had a feeling it would pair well with my fave jcrew pencil skirt. a perfect match!! Yippee!
this week we 'celebrated' two months of marriage. i can't believe how fast it has flown by, and how truly wonderful it has been. two months down, forever to go. i can't wait!

happy sunday to all!

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