Monday, June 4, 2012

can i do an outfit post?

moving to colorado meant we had to fit everything we wanted to bring with us into our one vehicle. fitting everything into one vehicle meant that space was very limited. limited space meant that we had to pack very light. packing very light meant that my wardrobe had to be pretty limited. 

and all of that means that i get to explore my closet every sunday and try and find new combinations to mix everything up a bit. it has actually been fun to try and make new parings with some of my favorite pieces that i haven't ever tried together before. the past two sundays i thought i had some pretty good success, so i decided to put it on the blog. 

new outfit one: i just got this green shirt on sale at anthro and i decided to try it out with my peach skirt from fancy france. yippee
 new outfit two: i've had both of these peices for a while and i finally put them together. i think the brown shoes pulled it all together and it worked out. 
 i was also excited about throwing a bow to dress up my messy bun.

i'm really obsessed with collars right now. i love that this blouse has a fun sailor tie. 
 i'm also trying to wash my hair less often, exciting right, so messy buns definitely come in handy. 
 another messy bun style...
 and what would a post be without a quality self shot?
 or two...

we will see what other combinations i can come up with to keep things interesting here in colorado springs. 

p.s. a big thanks to my husband of dreams anj for being willing to take artsy fartsy post church pictures of me! :)


  1. love the outfits and the messy bun!

  2. where do you find all your cute clothes?! I can never find anything lol. You and Andrew are so cute.