Tuesday, June 12, 2012

favorite things

there is something about farmer's markets that just puts a smile on my face.
the little baskets filled with perfect fresh produce.
the colors of homemade pasta noodles covering an entire table.
free samples galore: jalapeno or chokecherry jelly, fresh bread, armenian yogurt dip.
friendly people who just want to give you a taste of something homegrown and better.

i love a good farmer's market, a chance to support the locals, a reminder of france, a true taste of summer. bring it on summertime!

those little baskets
cheese = great
 friendly alpacas?
market colors

before we hit the market, we experienced another wonderful summer activity.. hiking!
we went to seven falls with sue and her kids and it was a blast.
it is such a blessing that anj and i both work later in the day so we can have such fun mornings,
though the falls were a little wimpy and the stairs were a little scary, we all had such a fun time.

just some wildlife camouflage
 thanks ben, thanks.
 how do they measure up?
check those stairs
 quality signage. we may have scrambled a few times. woops.
 creepy floating staircase?
some flora and fauna
 some mads and anj.
 a butterfly!
 showing our respect for helen keller... oh wait, helen hunt jackson?
 we made it!
some more quality shots
some falls
 me and fam
 the creepiest elevator in the side of a mountain ever.
 the classic everyone close your eyes and pull out a rock and see who gets the coolest game was a hit.
 all seven!
and of course you can't forget our trip to see the kissing camels... can you spot them?

it was a perfect summer day!

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  1. fun! farmer's market! giant chipmunks on signs! you guys are the greatest.