Thursday, June 14, 2012

growing up

it is truly amazing how fast time flies.
how things change.
how quickly life seems to move, when looking at it once it has already passed.

i was able to go home last week, and what a treat it was.
i am so grateful that i have a family that loves to be together, loves to support each other, loves to have dance parties in our kitchen, and loves to party in general.

watching jenn graduate was wild. she truly has grown up into an AMAZING young woman. she is kind, she is smart, she is well rounded, she is athletic, she is beautiful. i was so glad to be there to watch her walk across that stage and take that diploma that represents the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of the next. i am also so beyond excited to have her with me in provo come fall. hopefully she'll want to hang out with her old-married-sister...

can you believe we have gone from this and this...

to this...

To this...                                                              ...then this! 
 four years apart
 but two very similar hearts. 
jenn was a dream
 and i loved being there to support her!
 the ladies...

congratulations jenn!

graduation wasn't the only adventure at home...

 pupusas with the boys at jennifer's taqueria
 family volleyball taking a wrong turn...
 dave being a ham on top of the ladder
 late night slurpee runs
 staying up til two watching endless home videos..
eating cinnamon roll pancakes
and lots of celebration of this girl!

(and now she is in italy!)
seeing this.....                          and this....                             and this...               and eating this...


  1. Amen to everything....
    Time certainly is marching right along. It seems like yesterday I was her teacher in the CTR 7 class. She has become quite a beautiful young woman indeed.