Tuesday, September 27, 2011

red lips

sometimes i really like to wear red lipstick.
see photo below:

it all started in francy-pants,
where women wear lipstick like it ain't no thang,
so i could too. 


here, it is a little less...
or at least a little more wild.

especially when i rock it as an EFY counselor and get deemed 'the devil's wife'

but, i don't let that stop me.
i like red lipstick.
and somedays, i am just going to wear it.

like on my birthday.

i might even rock it in my ward directory picture.
and on regular school days,
despite the funny looks i get on campus.

although sometimes it keeps me from hitch-hiking a ride to the marriott center, and that is a pain.

i've learned not to worry myself with what other people think.
so i will rock my red lipstick
whenever and wherever i please.

okay, maybe i do care what this person thinks. but i'm pretty sure he likes it.

that's all.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

skip. bo.

skip bo is one of the best games.
i remember the very first time i played it,
on the floor of the basement,
with the harts,
in that house with the stairs on 13th street.

i have played it countless times since.
won, lost, loved.
but never have i played it with such vigor and vim
as i have for the past two weeks.

emotions ride high during our nightly skip bo game.
winning is the goal.
whether we are playing with one card,
or giving mindy four extra because she gets at least 15 wilds every game,
it is always intense.

i am not sure if introducing skip bo to my pals
was a good idea or a bad one...
but i am not lying when i say it has become
a nightly routine.

prepare to get skipbo'd.

 beginners luck, practically proven
 smiles are for winners
 literally drew five tens. wild.
 intensity captured?
sweet shirt ryb.
 can you guess who is winning this one?
skip bo brings out the best (and worst) in all of us.
we'll see how long this lasts.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

tradition, tradition.

hiking the Y.
13 seriously steep switchbacks up to a bunch of painted white rock.
about a 1000 feet of elevation gain.
every time i really think about it, it just seems miserable.
in fact the first time i hiked it, it was miserable.
(think middle of the night, pouring rain, practically crawling up the muddy trail)

my mom loves hiking the Y.
when she comes into town, we hike the Y.
it has become a tradition.
for the past three years on 
labor day
the most elite wake up a little too early to do some serious laboring.
we hike that Y.

and you know what,
it is never as miserable as i think it is going to be.

and miserable or not,
it is always an adventure.

whether we are pressing our luck
and getting prime parking
littering crunchy pear cores and getting scolded
looking good in the early morning
 making it to the top
 attempting a little upside down action
(it was traumatizing)
 running into good ol' kyle
 pondering how beautiful provo really is
 having a hard time actually finding where our house is
 giving short-lived piggy back rides
walking backwards in serious style
 or whipping out the best jumping shot in the history
 it is a tradition worth keeping.
until next year!

p.s. did you know no other college in the US of A has a larger symbol. the Y takes the cake!