Friday, July 6, 2012

independence irony

we decided to celebrate independence day
by going to look at animals in captivity... hmmm.

though perhaps a bit ironic, it was still a great way to celebrate.
we really enjoyed ourselves at the cheyenne mountain zoo.

it's a smaller, more interactive zoo literally built into the side of the mountain. prepare for some uphill walking, because the exhibits move upwards and outwards. highlights for me were probably feeding the giraffes (their tongues are ridiculously long!!), seeing the peacock do his mating dance, eating a fourth of july shaved ice treat, witnessing a man drop his flip flop into the billy goat exhibit from the sky ride, and watching sue and greg take each other on in a serious water fight battle (still unsure who won). we took tons of great pictures and just had a fourth of july blast! after we came home and had a fabulous barbecue with anj's team and then because of a lack of fireworks for miles around due to fire hazards... we decided to watch star wars intsead. yep.

it was a perfect fourth of july.

we were pretty pumped about our fourth of july pride.

to the zoo!!

 giraffe encounters


it really was the perfect fourth of july day, spent with people i love.

hope it was a fabulous holiday for you too!

p.s. a really hilarious moment:


  1. love your blog!!! everything about it. how do you do the collage of photos...the little sticker "sunday outfit" and arrows pointing to your list of birthday wish. maybe you could show me at the wedding. love you...keep those entries coming xoxox

    1. i sent you an email with some ideas!! check it out!!