Wednesday, March 21, 2012

one month

today is the twenty first of march.
a month from today, the twenty first of april, i will be married and sealed for time and all eternity
to the love of my life.
i am beyond excited.
plans are falling into place, stress is lessening, and finals are approaching.
these last few weeks are going to be CRAZY. 
can't hardly wait.

in the meantime, the past month has been crazy too.
crazy busy, crazy awesome, crazy good.
it's been full of a lot of good things.

a lot of jazz...

 we love our jazz.
 a lot of treats....
nothing like a trip to the cocoa bean

 pie for pi day?
 a lot of drinks...
 we've started a tradition to try out a new drink everyonce in a while, and we take turns picking. it's a great time.
 a lot of hair...
 i gave anj a haircut. it was my first time and it was successful.
 i also decided to try out a mullet for a little while... probably not so successful. 
a lot of dates...
 whether we are out winning tickets or dominating in laser tag...
 or staying in making waffles and watching the jazz..
 it's always a good time. 
 yummy waffle and hot chocolate dinner
a lot of birthdays...
 we celebrated my grandma and my great grandma, two beautiful ladies and amazing examples!
 a lot of envelopes....
we've licked wayyy too many. and there are still many more to be licked!

and a whole lot of love....
can't wait for next month!

Friday, March 2, 2012


i am taking a class called 'french and american cultural values through photography'. basically that just means we look at pictures and take pictures and talk about it in french. i love it. we do projects called photo essays inspired by the photographers we studied, and it is fun to see what everyone comes up with. 

a photographer named Brassai did a series called "Paris de nuit" or paris of the night, and i used that inspiration for my essay. instead of paris, i ran around rainy provo and got some pretty cool shots. in my essay i talked about the stereotypes of living in 'happy valley' and how provo becomes a whole new world of strange colors and reflections at night. let me know what you think...