Monday, December 5, 2011

zoo lights

i love the zoo. my man anj knows this, and so when the groupon for zoo lights appeared in his inbox he was quick to purchase it so we could go on a hot date. and that we did on saturday night. although it was totally a different zoo experience, i was still completely giddy and the holiday spirit made it oh-so-enjoyable. so if you are ever in salt lake, or if your zoo does something similar, i totally recommend it. especially if you make it a hot date...
 and what is a hot date without some friends in tow?
like parker the elf
 proof of the chilly-ness
 cute friends. 
 and now in case you never get the chance, 
experience zoo lights
 we thought this one was especially clever.
 just hanging with an elephant
giraffe love.
 would this be considered necking?
 best of friends at the zoo
 the bats were absolutely the most intriguing part of the evening. 
we got up close and personal.
 the B crew
 i think andrew is jealous
 here begins a series of awkward 'try and capture my breath in the cold' shots
 the whole group
n.b. this is not a group date
anj almost got eaten by a croc
 and this pretty much epitomizes our adventure. 
 ladies and lights
 reenactment of a freshman year treat
 and don't worry, i saved the best for last. we wanted to get a picture of the whole group so we figured we'd ask a kind passer-by. There was a man tossing a stuffed animal looking object around who looked friendly enough so anj asked him, and then we realized that the stuffed animal was really a child (scary) and that it would probably be difficult for him to take a one handed shot with my somewhat heavy camera. however, he told us not to fear and claimed his work to be "perfect", and let me tell you it was just that. see for yourself...


hooray for hot dates, zoo lights, perfect pictures, and an all around crazy weekend. 

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