Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Royalty, continued.

Don't you worry, this morning we were treated to our very own private London eye tour. Not only did we get to bypass all the long lines and look extra important, but we got to ride in our own private capsule. And luckily it was clear skies and sunny days this morning, it was a perfect view.

The eye, just in case you forgot.

Mike got a special London eye adventure pack, complete with binocs.

Girls looking good in the morning.

Family eye

Look at that VIP view

Cute parents

Sunshine days

Tower bridge, not to be confused with London bridge, which was actually bought and moved to Arizona. For reals.

J at the tower of london

Dad looking great in some armor

Dave with one of the oh so famous ravens

Cute gals

Yep, that's me

Bridge blue

Peter Pan statue, bucket list goal completed. Winning London style.

Oh remember how I ran into my dear Ollie Oliver here in his native land?

Fam at the fair

J in her cute new top shop attire

Me too

Delectable dinner

You know the dessert has to be good when it comes in extra small portion sizes right?

Jolly good show

Finishing off with some quality sibling love. Lookin good dave.

Off to Paris tomorrow. Can't wait!!

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