Thursday, December 22, 2011

home away from home

Word cannot express how ecstatic I am to be back in my beautiful city Paris. Tonight was especially wonderful because I took my fam to the town where I lived for three months, Le Vesinet, and ate dinner at sweet Nannick's. It was such a treat and this city at Christmas time is so magical. I love getting to experience it all again with my family.

J and I riding the Chunnel. It was so exciting we slept almost the entire time.

But we did manage to sneak in a few artsy shots.

The first thing we did upon arriving in Paris was head up the street from the hotel, the champs-élysées, and climb to the too of the arc de triomphe where we watched some crazy traffic in the roundabout around it.

Us watching cars almost run into each other.


We then hit up yet another precious Christmas market on the other end of the street and I got to break out my francais. Oh how good it feels to be speaking the language.

For dinner we went to this classy little cafe and the waiter was explaining the house special, he kept on saying Cochin sauvage and I could not remember what on earth it meant... Until after dave and dad had ordered it and I realized it was wild boar! It was pretty tasty nonetheless.

J matched a smart car. Adorable, non?

This morning we started our day right with some seriously chocolates hot chocolate from angelina.

It is to die for. And our croissants and pain au chocolate were delightful as well.

We took a little puddle jumping stroll through Le jardin de Tuileries.

J sunning?

We came home to a precious little, real Christmas tree, decorated in true French fashion: with bows!

On our way out to my town we stopped at the modern arch opposite l'arc de triomphe.

Looking out to the city

Of course we had a little photoshoot...

We also went to the huuuuuge mall at la defense to do a little Christmas shopping. It was all decked out and full of people.

On the RER, the train to the outlying suburbs, on our way out to Le ves.

Exploring the cute little town of st. Germain en laye, the stop at the end of our line with fun boutiques and an amazing view.

We walked down the hill from st. Germain to my little town, Le Vesinet

And went to the home where I lived to dine with this wonderful woman, Nannick, she showed off her English, cooked up a delish meal, told us all about her famille, and explained how she can't help but say Brussel sprouts in a scottish accent every time.

She even set up her tree and crèche for us, in French fashion she left the baby Jesus hidden, he doesn't come out until Noel.

The fam with sweet Nannick.

Me and Nannick reunited. It was the perfect way to pass the night here in France. I loved showing my fam where I lived and getting to see Nannick again.

I can't wait for more Parisienne adventures!!


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