Wednesday, December 14, 2011


twenty two years ago yesterday, at about 10:15 in the morning, Mindy Kimille Westover was born into the world and it would never be the same.

four years, three months and fourteen days ago, Mindy Kimille Westover and Madeline Bodine met for the first time, Mindy with family in tow and Madeline singing the one song by miley cyrus's brother, and again the world changed.

put those two fun facts together and you get four fun birthdays and one great tradition.
every year we leave the world of finals week behind to celebrate mind's birthday in style.
we're talking presidential suite at the marriott style. 

freshman year
with our best gals brand and heidi
sophomore year
junior year
senior year 
with friendly friends anneliese and shelby

and every year it just gets better.
as it should, because mind deserves the best.
and if you didn't know that, i'll tell you 22 reasons why our friendship rocks.

1. our names are Mindy and Madeline, or Mindy and Maddie, and it just has a ring to it. and together we are Mandy, but that just confuses people.

2. we match on accident. we've done it at least 4 times this month, it helps when we buy a lot of the same clothes together.

3. we both play volleyball. and we are good. (well, mindy is better) but it means that whenever it's fairly sunny we have an activity we both love to do.

4. we waterski. it's awesome. we are probably better at waterskiing then we are at volleyball. our families both love to boat all summer long, and that helps out with the whole pro waterskiing thing.

5. we love to get tan, but we also get really white. it's a sad day when january rolls around. but its a great day come august.

6. next semester might be the first time we don't have a class together. our first semester we had four classes together, accidentally. hows that for in sync random roommates?

7. tap has probably been the best thing we have ever done. savion glover has signed our tap shoes. we just choreographed our very own two minute tap dance to beyonce. it's the perfect break from all the rest of our way to hard classes.

8. we share a bunk bed. as seniors in college, we sleep in bunk beds. guess who is on the top bunk?

9. we sing the alto line better than the soprano. okay maybe it would be cooler if one of us was a rocking soprano so we could harmonize, but what fun would that be? Instead we always both end up harmonizing and the melody gets forgotten. oops. always makes for a good happy birthday.

10. we are really good at procrastinating, especially when we are together. hence why i am writing this blog instead of studying for finals.

11. we are skip bo extraordinaires. that's all.

12. we don't have the same shoe size. if we did, our friendship would rock way too much, so its probably a good thing we don't

13. we love to disco skate. most of all things maybe. partially because dressing up has to be the best thing.

14. we have the best dress up box of the century. it's the best. there is even a seventies wedding dress in there. watch out.

15. we've been on adventures together. disneyland. montana. prineville. new york. arizona. vegas. you give us a chance to escape, and we will.

16. we are loyal byu women's soccer fans. we even wore garbage bags on our heads cause we lacked rain jackets.

17. we believe in life dreams. dreams come true. we're living proof.

18. we are unofficial members of each others families. it's awesome. it's like having two awesome families.

19. we both spent time in foreign countries this year. me france, mind south africa. like i said, adventures.

20. we have both gone through the super long hair chop it super short hair phase. now we are both in the middle. cool.

21. we both have experience driving old cars. awesome old cars. celly 87. bronc 75. they were real treats.

22. we are best friends. and there's no better way to describe it. nobody's friendship is quite like ours.

so glad to have such a great, and old friend. sure love ya mindo.

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