Monday, November 28, 2011

family adventures in red pea coat, part two

one of my favorite family adventures of the year has to be the annual trip to the christmas tree farm to select the tree of our dreams. there's drama. there's debating. there might even be a few tears shed (okay not really) but we always end up with a winner. the best part about the whole thing is probably the annual penguin picture (just you wait), but it really is overall just a grand time. now enjoy some pictures that capture that good time. 

and so it begins. family news: michael and i are the same height. awesome.
 though they make for good pictures, we have opted out of the 'bushy tree' club.
 dad picks up trees with ease.
 what's christmas tree shopping without a few awkward pics?
 and really sweet decor.
 remember that one time dave knocked a tree down and tried to blame it on jenn?
more trees!
 completely candid contemplative composition. 
 more contemplation...
 while mom tried to decide between the two best, the rest of us found other things to do...
 well isn't this tree just the perfect height!
 more candid. picture preparation.
 getting wild with a wreath
 love these ladies. 
 after a good while we finally decided on this guy,
 and brought it home only to realize it was just a titch too tall. more drama ensued. 

but it all worked itself out, and we have one beautiful tree in our family room and plenty of pictures to prove it. hooray hooray for the Christmas season. 

and now, the bodine family goes penguin:
great great things.
i love family adventures.

merry christmas season to all!

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