Saturday, December 10, 2011

dress up

sometimes it is just fun to play dress up.
i have this dress. it's a party dress. i don't get to wear it much.
i was keeping it at home in california due to lack of space in my closet here, but i decided to bring it back with me after thanksgiv, just in case i could find some occasion to wear it.

and that i did.
kind of. 
luckily anj likes to dress up too, so we just decided to get all fancy shmance and go to dinner.

i even donned fake eye lashes for the occasion.

guess where we ate dinner in our fine threads?
cafe rio.

and that's all we did.
and it was so worth it.
i love getting dressed up just for the fun of it,
and i love that my man dress up with me.

we were looking so cute, we had to take some classy pictures.
sadly, classy pictures are something we struggle with.

 more struggles. 
even more struggles...
right before this one anj threw his arm around me as said 'hey bud!'. i was not very amused. woops.
 and this is probably the classiest of them all. check those socks. 
 in the end this was about as good as it got...

 (extra good)
 and in the best one our home decor looks like a really strange hair piece. 
despite our picture struggles, it was still a great time.
our friends were dressing up as well.
 mind and rich impressed us with their 'ugly sweaters'
 take note of their representation of 'pine cones and holly berries' a christmas classic.
 friends forever.
it was an overall great night.
and guess what? i know some people who had an even better night!
congrats to my best cousin mallory and her man daniel. 
so much love!

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