Saturday, October 29, 2011

young at heart

two of my most favorite things in life
(and mind you i have a lot of favorite things)

are 1. Disneyland and 2. The Zoo

i wish i could tell you i went to disneyland yesterday,
alas, i did not and the zoo will have to do.

and the zoo did do.
i love the zoo
and to tell you the truth,
i'm not quite sure why

staring at animals who are placed in glorified cages that are supposed to look like their natural environments is a little, well, disheartening when you really think about it.

but let's not think about it.
because all that aside, the zoo is awesome.
you get to see animals who seem at home in their own little environments and can travel from the deserts of africa to the jungles of asia with mere steps. you can take pictures (which to me seems like cheating but i do it anyway) of a lounging gorilla or a grazing giraffe.

the zoo brings out the kid in me,
and i love it.
especially when i get to go with lots of people i love too.

see below
enjoy some 'cheating' animal shots
 nothing beats the zoo + fall foliage
 cutie girls
 more fall foliage
 not a flamingo
 possibly poisonous
 too cute to be poisonous
giraffe love
 is one arm longer than the other?
 dino egg friends
 'osie' makes the cutest turtle
 and i think we all could pass for prairie dogs
hooray for the zoo!

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  1. I will be heading to your first love on Thurs. I am so excited. I will think of you while I am there.