Tuesday, October 18, 2011

senior night dreams

i'd like to say my life is a little bit whimsical.
or maybe it's just that i like to do things on a whim.

for example:
yesterday morning my mom calls me and asks if dad should check and see if he has enough miles to fly me out for jenn's senior night volleyball game the next day.

i say yes please.

a few hours and phone calls later,
i have a flight booked for three the next day.
(hooray for having enough miles)

and today i hopped on a plane that brought me to sunny california
to surprise my little sis.

she played great
the game was great
i cannot believe it was her last home game of her high school career
and i cannot believe i got to be here to see it.
(and take plenty of pictures)
hooray for whimsy.

i love volleyball. and j. and my home. on a tuesday night. in the middle of october.

i love her 'i just killed it' face
 hey, i'm a super senior too!
 the good old days
 loyal pinewood fans?
 brotherly love
 even the grandparents made an appearance
 long legs.
 sibling support
 best friends
j's biggest fans

 senior night treats. yum.
 cookies provided by mother bodine.
 sibs all together
 gramps in action.
 i loved everything about tonight.

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  1. Are those your mothers famous pumpkin cookies? :)