Monday, October 17, 2011

seven things.

i'm not usually one to do these silly kinds of things,

but i like the cute girl who tagged me quite a lot,
so why not?

apparently i am now supposed to write seven random things about me-self.
so here goes...

1. i love gumballs. if i see a gumball machine, i better have a quarter on hand.

2. i wear wildlife tees at least once a month. usually more. definitely more. you know what i am talking about? t-shirts with wolves and elk and nature scenes? i like to howl at full moons too.

3. i speak french. i love french. i've lived french. meaning i lived in france, once. it was parfait.

4. i don't deal well with contention. i like all people to be happy.

5. i am trying to learn to like eggs. i don't like eggs. but i want to like them. why do they have to be so not tasty? i am trying.

6. i am not a fan of long fingernails. in fact i don't like them one bit. especially when boys' fingernails are too long. or mine. sometimes i bite them when i can't stand it any longer and am nowhere near mindy's handy dandy manicure kit. gross.

7. i'm in love, i'm in love and i don't care who knows it!

that is all.
thanks sweet kellee jo


  1. Dear Maddie,

    #4 reminds me of our awesome trip to Youth Conference :) Hope your life has significantly less contention now!!

    -Sarah Kane

  2. Madeline I don't know if you will ever like egs


  3. Don't worry about not liking eggs. They're disgusting and not good for you anyway. :)
    -Emily s.