Tuesday, October 4, 2011


utah does it good.
at least,
for that one hot minute when the weather hasn't quite turned cold,
and a sea of red moves slowly down the mountains
overtaking all that once was green.

the leaves are changing.
it's a fall phenomenon.
an autumn anomaly.
even an oxymoron,
beauty amidst death.

the leaves are changing.
their brief chameleon phase will end abruptly.
the leaves will fall,
giving one final flourish as they float with the breeze.
to be piled, perhaps jumped in, or maybe just stepped on.
forgotten almost as soon as they were noticed.

the leaves are changing.
it is beauty incarnate.
for one moment 
nature paints a picture,
all on its own.
green to yellow to orange to red.
a splendor so tangible,
so absolute.

it's almost delicious. 
it is a season to be savored.
the leaves are changing.
life is changing.

change is welcome
when you can find the beauty

 p.s. who doesn't like dessert for dinner for a change?

chocolate waffles.
a perfect fall treat.


  1. Love, love, love your post Madeline...especially your poem!

  2. thanks for posting mads