Thursday, October 13, 2011

when we get married

remember how i have a dream of being a wedding photographer?
oh you don't?
well i do.

two weekends ago i was lucky to live the dream for a hot minute.
my beautiful aunt flew me out to colorado
for a quick trip
(a very quick trip)
to take some pictures of her reception and her new family.

it was an absolute blast.
it was a wild day but everything came together beautifully.
i loved seeing how many people were so ready and willing to help out sue's sweet family
i loved meeting Greg and his darling children.
crash course in sign language? a treat.
everyone had such a fabulous time and sue and greg just seemed so blissfully in love.

and you know what,
i think the pictures turned out pretty good too.


i got to take a few pictures of the fam.
aren't they adorable
 gorgeous mother and daughter

love you suzy q.
thanks for letting me come.

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  1. I want you to take my wedding pictures when that time comes. Book it for whenever that