Monday, October 24, 2011


109 followers. 409 pins. 7 boards.

so what's up with this whole pinterest thing?
let me tell you.

it's addicting.

[oh wait. 411 pins.]

so addicting i continue to pin things while i blog.
it's easy.
it's fun.

it's lots and lots of pretty pictures in one pretty place.

my best friend mindy told a boy she finally gave in and got herself on pinterest.
he said something like, "pinterest, when a girl gets that it can only mean one thing: she is planning her wedding"

this is not necessarily true,
although i do post my fair share of wedding photos,
pinterest is much more than that. 

why do i pinterest?

1. i like pretty pictures

2. i like the little self confidence boost i get everytime someone repins something of mine

3. i like that if i like something i can just pin it quick and easy and save it forever

4. i like seeing what my friends pin

5. i like that it is organized

6. i like that it is easy breezy beautiful

7. and you know what, if someday i need to plan a wedding, i will have lots of great ideas on hand

[416 pins.]

some grand examples. 

love love love
 top knot
hair do
 seine engagement?
wedded bliss
 refabric-ed toms
shoes shoes and mores shoes
 white elegance
color my world
 orange chair
doll house
i pinterest,
and i love it.

why do you pinterest?


  1. It's SO ADDICTING I agree! BTW...I'm following you :)

  2. i love pinterest. even though I have noticed you and minds pinning lots of wedding things ;)