Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this is halloween

(this is the extent of my halloween costume)

the zoo keeps me young at heart,
halloween, it seems, has had an opposite effect.

as i get older, the holiday loses its excitement.
i believe there is an age where one becomes too old to trick or treat.
i believe there is a time when dressing up for school is less cool than it used to be.
i respect those who still participate in these halloween festivities,
(there were a few pretty legit costumes viewed on campus)
i however, choose to refrain.

there is one tradition that will never grow old, and it has to be my favorite part of the whole holiday.
i love it more than eating werewolf fruit snacks and other spooky treats, i even love it more than listening to a voicemail left by my mom in her hilarious/awesome witchy cackle...

carving pumpkins
is my favorite halloween activity, hands down.
i don't mind scooping out the guts.
i love the thrill of deciding what to carve.
i love the finished product, flickering candle within.
it's a halloween must!

this year we saved it for the very day
in fact until about 11:00 pm the very day
but i carved a pumpkin,
a lopsided, $1 dollar, thicker than thick pumpkin,
i freehanded a little eiffel tower treat with my handy kitchen knife
and with the help of my man anj,
and it was a jolly good time.

check that lopsided, last chance pump.
 kitchen knife in action
 andrew does not like deseeding the pumpkin. 
good thing i enjoy it. really.
 halloween happenings
 la tour eiffel, anyone?
(flirty halloween apron, anyone?)
 joint effort. can you tell we had ourselves a wild halloween?
p.s. can you tell anj is rocking a mustache? because that stache got us free grilled-cheesers at sammy's. hooray for mustache mondays!
 i don't know what happened here but i like it.

i hope you all had lovely and/or haunted halloweens, but forget that

happy november!

p.p.s. i dedicate this post to kelly lynn hill. because it is her birthday. and because she reads my blog. and i like her too. 

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  1. lady friend. I too LOVE carving pumpkins (did it twice this year, it was so much fun the first time) i of course was reading your blog and i got to the end a large smile spread across my face, because this made me the happiest girl! love you little one, and the devil horns