Tuesday, September 27, 2011

red lips

sometimes i really like to wear red lipstick.
see photo below:

it all started in francy-pants,
where women wear lipstick like it ain't no thang,
so i could too. 


here, it is a little less...
or at least a little more wild.

especially when i rock it as an EFY counselor and get deemed 'the devil's wife'

but, i don't let that stop me.
i like red lipstick.
and somedays, i am just going to wear it.

like on my birthday.

i might even rock it in my ward directory picture.
and on regular school days,
despite the funny looks i get on campus.

although sometimes it keeps me from hitch-hiking a ride to the marriott center, and that is a pain.

i've learned not to worry myself with what other people think.
so i will rock my red lipstick
whenever and wherever i please.

okay, maybe i do care what this person thinks. but i'm pretty sure he likes it.

that's all.


  1. Mads I love your independent fun spirit. You always make me smile! Wish I could wear red lipstick like you! Keep it up. Love you!