Monday, December 31, 2012

year in review

i have to say
2012 has been one for the books.
it truly has been my best year yet. 
so much fun, so much love.

here goes my year in review...
1. exactly a year ago tonight we got engaged! 2. and set a date! 3. the wedding plans started rolling and were lots of fun and lots of stress. 4. we took a trip down to st. george with the future in-laws. 5. we ate so, so, so many free grilled cheesers at sammy's. gotta love mustache monday. 6. i never imagined that snowy, cold engagements would be so perfect! 7. what's a semester without a few snow-cone runs? 8. anj and i dressed up to go to cafe rio for a valentine's day date. 8. we celebrated grandma's birthday, along with all the presidents. 9. mindy's missionary, robb, finally came home! it was a great day. 10. i addressed so many wedding announcements. 11. my great grandma turned 95 and still is a serious beauty! 12. i was showered with so much love at several bridal showers. family is the best. 13. my best cousin friend mallory and i got to be engaged together! 14. rebekah westover took my bridals. 15. anj and i hit the giants home opener! 16. i had a very special day at the oakland temple with my family and future husband. 17. more, more, more sammy's. 18. my best friend graduated from college! 19. that same night we had a rocking reception. 20 and the next day we were married for time and all eternity. 21. we honeymooned in sunny mexico. 22. and flew to idaho a week later for wedding #2, mallory and daniel! 23. a quick trip to CA for our open house 24. then we headed back to utah and packed up to move to colorado! 25. anj started work selling security systems like a pro. 26. i made my first loaf of bread. 27. my little sister j graduated from high school 28. i fulfilled a childhood dream and worked as a waitress in a fifties diner, hello juju!
27. i headed back to idaho for rainy but still perfect wedding #3, hooray for jordan and liz. 28. anj and i packed our bags again and moved to boise. 29. i turned 22 and had a red-lip birthday party. 30. we spent a fabulous week in montana with the fam. 31. we all participated in our first annual family triathlon. 32. my dad and i rode a moose. serious bonding. 33. we roadtripped to wedding number #4, katie and brett! 34. and that same weekend celebrated anj's sister avery and our new brother in law curtis for wedding #5. 35. anj and i had a blast at the idaho state fair. 36. i took a trip to portland and experienced my first bacon doughnut. 37. i loved being a part of my best friend's wedding for wedding number #6. mindy and robb were a perfect couple. 38. i had my last first day of school. 39. we hit lots of football games! 40. and started to decorate our first apartment. 41. we hiked the Y on labor day for the fourth year in a row! 42. more games! 43. more Y! 43. wedding #7 was another great one, we loved seeing how happy nate and katie are together! 44. we got to go to conference again, and spend some quality time in the presidential suite. 45. even more games. 46. we loved the beautiful fall weather. 47. having jenn up in utah with me is truly a treat. 48. we had lots of fun with friends. 49. anj flew to CA for a giant's world series game! 50. we rocked a KILLER halloween costume. 51. and carved pumpkins with friends. 51. we were ultimate girls soccer fans in rain and snow. 52. tomato soup and grilled cheese mondays became a barrett family tradition. 53. we drank lots of hot chocolate. 54. anj lost his glasses on the alpine coaster in park city. 
55. we had a wonderful thanksgiving with the hart family. 56. we went and picked out our first christmas tree. a real one! 57. and eventually we trimmed the tree. 58. i went to my last day of class. 59. and i finished strong with volleyball. i loved taking two classes with my sister. 60. we saw the lights at temple square. i missed being there with mind on her birthday. 61. we made christmas cookies. twice. 62. anj took me to a fancy dinner to celebrate graduation. and a 4.0 semester. 63. i decorated our apartment and got to set up my french nativity from our trip last year! 64. santa came early and brought us a new TV! 65. i got to sing the national anthem in the marriott center. 66. wedding #8, an old roommate of mine emily tied the knot! 67. anj and i sent out our first christmas card! 68. we received some delicious, perfect christmas pears from my family. 69. i crocheted hats for days.  70. the presents kept piling up! 71. the barretts surprised me with a wildlife stocking, i was simply overjoyed! 72. anj and i dressed up for sunday. 73. we caroled and delivered treats around the neighborhood. 74. anj and i opened our christmas pjs from grandpa and grandma hart. the fact that they arrived in time was a true miracle! 75. santa came! 76. i gave anj a five pound gummy bear. definite highlight. 77. we went hookie bobbing up at the barrett's cabin. aka sledding behind a vehicle. 78. anj turned 23 and we celebrated by going to a jazz game. 79. dreams came true and anj got a signed jersey from his fave player. 80. we got to go on the court and meet with the captains before the game. 81. i got to plan and be a part of the adam's family white elephant party. 82. we managed to fit in one more wedding, #9, ollie and amelia, before we 83. came home to CA! 84. i straightened anj's hair. he bears a strange resemblance to a certain ex-jazz player. 
85. can i just say we had some fabulous outfits this year? 

 86. we had fondue for dinner... and now the end is near! just a few more minutes and 2013 will be here. we've hit nine weddings (including our own!), moved three times, celebrated birthdays and holidays galore, started new traditions and stuck with old ones, i've graduated from college and got a real job, we've spoiled each other silly...
 and we have fallen more and more in love each day.
i know this year has been so great because i have spent it with an amazing man.
we have been so blessed this year. my heart goes out to all those in need of comfort and peace, and i hope that the new year will bring that for them. i am so grateful for the knowledge of my savior Jesus Christ and the peace i find in His sacrifice for us. 

i'm not sure if 2012 can be beat, but i am so excited to see what 2013 has in store!

here's to a new year of mads and anj in real life. 
thanks for reading, following, and hopefully always enjoying. i love you all!

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  1. so.... I stumbled upon your blog and instantly fell in love! It is the cutest thing! :) I love it so much and I look forward to reading more!! :)
    lets swap buttons and be friends!