Wednesday, December 12, 2012


today was a good day. a great day. a truly noteworthy day.

i had an awesome job interview.
i will get to use my major in the work place.
i got an wonderful and inexpensive manicure.
i took a final before the hour i usually wake up.
i finished my last paper.
i sold a book back that i didn't buy for $34.
i ate at the cannon center with jenn and andrew.
i practiced singing the national anthem at least twelve times.
i broke out into song in the library.
i was in an inexplicably good mood.
i discovered tasty trail mix without nuts.
i have been married to andrew for 236 days.

it's almost 12/13/12 (another very special day) so i thought i'd document a few events of 12/12/12

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  1. Yay for having an awesome job interview and being able to use your degree!

    And as equally as awesome is selling back a book you didn't buy (that was what I hated most about school... those books were always so freaking expensive!)

    YAY for 236 days of marriage!!!!

    Newest follower :)