Thursday, December 13, 2012

quality friendship.

happy birthday to my best friend.

you truly are a Magnificent friend, Impeccable in everything you do, Nifty and not gNarshty, a Disco skating champion, and Young at heart (don't be too sad about the big 2-3!)

today is the first time in four whole years that i have not celebrated with mindy-lou on her day of birth.
freshman year, mid finals week, we decided to drop everything and stay the night at the marriott in salt lake, and a glorious tradition was born! every year of college we managed to get back up to salt lake, and some of my favorite memories are from these little getaways.  

because i'm feeling a little nostalgic, because i miss this girl, and because my college experience is ending, i now present to you, in photos:

mindy and maddie, freshman year

it was truly an unforgettable year. 

happy birthday mindy. 

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