Thursday, January 10, 2013

i'll always be a california girl

it's funny to say i went home to california for new year's, when in reality i have built a new home for myself here with anj. but as they say, home is where the heart is.. and little pieces of my heart belong to places all over the world (see here for more on this topic). one of those places is definitely the home i grew up in california.

one of my favorite things to do when i am home is head into "the city" - a.k.a. san fran - for a little getaway. we left new year's day and had a blast!

how could i not love going anywhere with this guy?
 we spent most of the day exploring all the fun shopping the city has to offer.
for some reason shopping in larger-than-life stores is just more fun than hitting the mall. 

we got to stay at the marriott downtown, which is always a treat. 19th floor suite with a view? 
yes, please! 
because i recently graduated (hooray!) with a degree in french studies, my family treated andrew and i to a delicious dinner at a fabulous french restaurant in the city, fringale.
we (almost) all had the steak frites (michael had chicken) and it was to die for! 
it was a typical and perfect french meal.. complete with bubbly water and french speaking waiters. 
(gotta love listening in on their conversations when they think you have no idea what they are saying, and trying to hear anj pronounce "pain perdu")
cheese plate and delectable desserts? mmmhmm. there's nothing quite like a cheese platter after a decadent meal. 
girls at fringale. i wore one of my fave dresses from france for the occasion.
 after dinner, we took a quick trip across the golden gate. anj had never seen it in real life.
though you can't tell from our lovely pictures, the view really was amazing!
in the morning we woke up and went to a little french bakery, tartine. the line was out the door so we knew it would be good. 
 croque monsieurs, pain au chocolat, brioche! it took me right back. 
 early morning breakfast faces. 
we cleaned it up pretty quick!
 we did a little more shopping and exploring. i had a horrible experience with a peeing homeless man. and we headed back home. it was (mostly) another great city day. 
i mean, look at those curls!

it was the perfect little getaway. french food and shopping and curly locks. 
i love california. and anj. and home

no matter where that home may be.

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