Tuesday, August 7, 2012

birthday bashin'

how many twenty-two year olds you know still have themed birthday parties?
i can promise you you know at least one!

anj and i just got back from a wonderful week vacation with my family in montana, it was full of sunshine, quality family time, relaxation and tradition. not only have i returned a little tanner, but also a little older. i got to celebrate turning the big 2-2, and with that came the usual birthday traditions that have been in place for sixteen years! 

we arrived last saturday night, just in time to get all dressed up and head to town for birthday tradition #1, the playmill.
 sister, sister!
every year, on or very close to my birthday, since age seven i have been lucky enough to go see a show at this little theatre in west yellowstone, montana. birthdays 19 and 20 were actually celebrated as part of the cast! 
(that white bag in anj's hand is full of delectable candy from the old fashioned candy store we always go to before shows! gotta love sneaking in a little treat!)
just at the candy store!

 if it's your birthday you get to be pulled up on stage and sung to. another great tradition. the show was great and the company was greater. how i love being with my family. 

sunday morning, my actual birthday, i woke up to red-lip decor everywhere i looked and some delectable looking cupcakes ready to be eaten! every year my family chooses a theme and decorates accordingly, this year it was red lips in honor of juju!
(thanks to my barrett fam for the adorable night-gown, one of my birthday wishes!)

and a sunday in montana wouldn't be a sunday without a trip as a family into beautiful yellowstone park. it is tradition to go to church in the park, have a picnic lunch, and explore the flora and fauna that yellowstone has to offer. so we left those delicious cupcakes behind and headed into the park!

 it was the perfect day for an easy hike: a little cloud cover, lovely afternoon light, and stomachs no longer rumbling after some tasty picnic fare. 

off we went!
 there was some pretty intense thistle-kicking
 a lone bison
some serious frolicking 
 and beauty all around!
 is there a better way to celebrate than being surrounded by god's beautiful creations and being with the people you love the most? i think not.
nothing like a quality crooked self timer shot!
 we even saw a bear! can you spot it?
(okay, that is really just dave posing as a bear... hehe)
 happy birthday to me.
 and the best birthday present of them all? being able to be married to the best guy i know!
when we got home it was time for the party to begin!
 we had tasty french dip and all kinds of fun old-fashioned soda
i picked black raspberry, anj had huckleberry.
we had quite the red-lip celebration, and i was truly spoiled.
 it was a birthday full of surprises, including a very different watch than the one anj thought he ordered, this adorable clock from my family, fun french-y magnets from my grandparents...
and a surprise appearance from my best friend!
it was the absolute best birthday yet, and i loved having a husband to celebrate with.
thanks to all who sent sweet birthday wishes my way! i truly appreciate it and felt so loved!

don't worry.. many more montana adventures to come! 

p.s. the weekend before i got to celebrate with my in-laws and fam, which was also a treat! again i just felt so loved!

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  1. Sounds like the best way to celebrate a birthday! Glad you were spoiled and had such a great time! :)