Friday, August 10, 2012

sunrise, sunset

montana is known as the big sky state.
big skies + lakeside living = awesome sun effects. 

some of the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets i've seen have been while staying in our little cabin on hebgen lake, and our week there this time around was full of more beautiful skies.

this trip, however, was marked by some extra special sun occasions.

my mother proposed an early morning hike (we are talking 5:30 AM early) to the top of the miniature mountain sized hill on the other side of our lake to see the sunrise. tempting? only for some of us. the truly dedicated decided to get up and go forge our own trails up a steep, covered in pokey sagebrush, rocky hill. though the upward slope was anything but easy, getting up just in time to see a blood-red sun poke above the mountains and light up the clouds in glorious pinks and oranges... so worth it. 

though cameras were left behind due to strenuous hiking, i got a few pictures after returning to our dock...the lake makes these moments magical, reflecting the beautiful light.
 that lump to the left is the mountain/hill we climbed.
 kind of creepy sun?
 it was truly a morning to remember, we all celebrated by getting back in bed!

the other extra special sun moment was the next night. my dad and i opted out of seeing batman with the rest of the crew and after hitting the town (read: getting ice cream and taking a tourist-riding-a-moose picture*) we drove home around dusk, and a beautiful dusk it was...

after having a baby and mama moose cross our path, we jumped in the boat to head to the midle of the lake for the moonrise.
just me and my dad and some styx tunes as a perfect pumpkin moon peeked over the horizon.
 it was amazing how it lit up the night sky, and i loved having a little bonding time with my dad. 

 can you find the man in the moon?
 and last but not least, there is nothing like watching the sunset on a family boat ride, 
 while playing a few games of telephone. (another great tradition),
and wearing ponchos for warmth.
 so perfect and peaceful.
we love hebgen lake!

*touristy moose picture below


  1. Wow! Pretty pictures, Maddie!

    Looks like you guys had a blast.

  2. It was a thrill to have those along for the very, very early sunrise hike adventure! It was spectacular! When I got back in the boat after the return down the Horse Butte and looked at the sun, I thought I was dreaming looking at the blood orange sun. Thanks for blogging about it!