Wednesday, July 25, 2012

idaho images

welp, we made it.
idaho, here we are.

while trying to find the grocery store i happened upon our little one road "down-town" main street. 
i found it quite inviting, and today i returned to explore. by the time i got out, many of the little shops had already closed, but i still discovered plenty of objects of interest. 
 i love all the quaint signage and the bright colors.
little houses with heart lined shutters.

 lumber and animal feed stores, vintage bicycles
 color and texture everywhere.

 then i drive home just a few blocks away and i find this:
 abandoned barns, corn field lined roads, sun through the trees, overlarge mailboxes
it's an interesting contrast to go from bustling little town to quiet country in mere minutes. i like it.

(and don't worry, i got myself a pink grapefruit-pineapple shaved ice too.)

it was a fun little adventure and i am excited to explore more.

p.s. this just in... loving my new high-low skirt. trendy, right?
(don't mind the self timer skip-bo cards making it in the frame)
 and loving this gorgeous idaho sunset, still going strong at 10:00 o'clock!


  1. Glad you are loving Boise! It really is a beautiful and amazing place. If you find anything crazy or want to see some good pictures of boise, you should check out my friends blog It's full of good stuff. And you must be a Boise State Football fan if you live here now:) ha

  2. Be careful with the late sunset thing! I lived near Boise for a summer and I kept going to bed around midnight because my brain couldn't believe it was later than 8 or 9pm; obviously I could not survive somewhere like Iceland where the sun never sets - Idaho is enough for me. Glad you're loving it!

  3. Wow looks like a lot of fun!