Monday, August 20, 2012


we like to have fun.
we like food.
we like date nights.
and every good date night starts with a good outfit.

some examples...

and our most recent date... last saturday!
gotta love a good outfit. 
especially with some cute new birthday shoes from my cuter husband!
just go with it. 
one more. that's all.
we decided to try out a quality little spot with some seriously big burgers,
it's called big jud's.
is there anything better than eating a burger bigger than your face?
just sharing it.
in a matter of minutes...
after feeling very, very full we decided to take a little walk around boise's hyde park before trying to consume dessert.
hyde park is basically a block of antique stores, some outdoor restaurants, and an old fashioned ice cream parlor on the corner. 
all of the antique shops had already closed, but i loved all the colors of the enchanting little block as dusk set in.
when we finally decided we had some room for a treat we went to Goody's.
(some idaho travel site said it was a must-do.)
candy was everywhere and there was definitely a fifties ice cream parlor feel.
we decided to share a brownie sundae with their homemade truffle ice cream.
we polished that one off within minutes too.
food+fun+more food+good outfits+perfect summer weather= another great date night!

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  1. WOW! There's a Big Jud's in Boise? I didn't realize the franchise was that extensive! Big question, do they have the hungry heifer ice cream sundae?