Monday, August 13, 2012

our family has more fun

one of the most memorable events at the lake this year was the...

first annual hebgen family triathlon

when anj and i arrived we learned that the fam had been doing some serious training, and no matter how unprepared we felt, the triathlon was going down. the teams and course were set and a extremely windy day not good for any other lake fun meant it was time.

the teams were as follow..

the young bucks
the newlyweds
the old bucks

you can decide for yourself if you think the teams are fair... the old bucks did get a little bit of an advantage by only having three runners, but us newlyweds and young'uns were on our own.

everyone had different ways of preparing, from meditating...
to stretching... 
(check out those intense stretches)
to hugging?

it was a bit of a relay, all four team members had to finish the event before the team could move on to the next one. once everyone got warmed up and hannah our photographer was all set,
 it was time to start.

part one: run

0.5 miles can be pretty intense
 but everyone returned victorious! (some a little faster than others)
part two: bike

1 mile to the point and back
 the young bucks dominated the run and went all out on the bike. the old bucks had a head start with only three runners, that left us newlyweds had some serious catching up to do.
 can you see the intensity on everyone's faces? 
we had a few issues with slow mini vans blocking bike riders.. yikes!
again the young bucks came out on top, and with only the last leg remaining, it was pretty clear who the winners would be...

part three: swim

to the buoy and back.
easier said than done, especially in windy waters.
(pictures of people swimming are extra attractive.)
though there was a clear winner, everyone finished and finished strong!

yep, the winners were...
the young bucks
i guess the training paid off. but now we are more prepared, and we will be ready next year!
so watch out young bucks.. next year the not-so-newlyweds-anymore will be back with a vengeance. 
until then... 
hooray for triathlons, and family too.

p.s. thanks hannah for the awesome photography!


  1. This is just the kind of competition to read about following my 2 week addiction to the olympics. Thank you for giving me a team to hope for, a team to root for and a team to pray for. You guys are the funnest most creative Hebgenites I know of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gramps and Gram wanted me to post this message as they are having no luck..."What a terrific event! You demonstrated the Olympic Motto...Citius, Fortius, Altius or Swifter, Stronger, Higher!"