Thursday, August 16, 2012

i simply remember my favorite things

(please sing to the tune from the sound of music)

boating with family
laying out on the dock
seeing shows at the playmill
those candy legos rock
seeing an eagle or osprey take wing
these are a few of my favorite things

skiing on glass
the mountain-man rendez vous
hikes in the park
tasty dinners to chew
a boat ride to moonlight, the "telephone" rings
these are a few of my favorite things

hanging with cousins
old cars at the rally
family triathlons
the points will be tallied
sunsets so gorgeous they make your heart sing
these are a few of my favorite things

when mosquitos bite,
when the sun burns,
when it's time to leave,
i simply remember my favorite things
and then i don't have to grieve.

i really hope you sang that.

it truly is hard to leave whether you are there for a weekend. a week, or six weeks. traveling down that bumpy dirt road the last time is always a tearful ride, but remembering all of the wonderful things that happen there (i probably could have done 10 verses of favorites) and the hope of next year can always get you through.

so here are a few last memories from our lovely time on the lake...

boating all day has to be the best, i love watching anj wakesurf...
he has some pretty sweet moves.
 speaking of wakesurfing, we all have some pretty good moves!
 also great: taking a million self-shots while watching people wakesurf. 
 dave might just have the best moves: the fire hydrant, the feet forward, the feet backward, and he's one of our best body surfers. 
 the road rally is a classic. old cars everywhere in all colors, shapes and sizes. 
you are sure to find several good ones.
the mountain man rendez-vous is also a classic.
grab-bags, skunk hats, mountain men wearing only loin cloths, peace pipes, animal skins...
does it get more classic than that..?
 just two mountain lovebirds in matching coon hats.
literal coon hats. face. and. all.
coming home from all that and seeing perfect, glassy ski water at 5pm?
it doesn't get any better. love multiple ski run days.
check how hard j cuts it!
pure bliss.
anj getting in one last wake surf run.
smooth water at 7pm? i'll take it.
going into the park on sundays is still a favorite for some of us. 
seeing old faithful go off is always a treat. even the 183rd time, though stephen might not agree.
going to see anemone a.k.a. "toilet bowl' geyser is always fun too.
(really good pic)
cousins. aren't we cute.
 hebgen lake is just the best. 
and that's mostly because you get to be around the best people.
it doesn't get better than family.

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  1. i did sing it even without the comment (i hope you really did sing it.) adorable! fun! i am so happy that all of you could be together (the three marrieds) as i bet it is a joy sharing in the love. you look so tan and gorgeous as always. tell anj he looks hot on a board (tee hee hee hee.) hope to see you while you are in provo.