Thursday, November 24, 2011


1. i'm thankful for my faith
i'm thankful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. i'm thankful for the knowledge i have, for the joy it brings me. i'm grateful that families are forever. 

2. i'm thankful for love
i'm so thankful to be in love with the best person i know. i'm thankful that he loves me back. i am so thankful for my Anj and everything he does for me. he lights up my life and makes me so happy. 

3. i'm thankful for my family
my family is one of a kind. i love that we love to spend time together. i am thankful for each person in my family: my dad for being so wise and generous, my mom for being so willing to listen and crazy fun, j for still matching with me after all these years and just being my best sister, dave for keeping things real and making me laugh, and mike-n-ike for loving me so much and for being so kind. 

4. i'm thankful for my best friend
mindy, mindo, mind, minderfeen, mindelicious, mindle, minds is the best friend and roommate i could ask for and i am so grateful to have her around. i'm grateful for a friend who i have so much in common with, for a friend who will just be crazy with me and for a friend who shares everything with me. i'm thankful for mind's fabulous family too. 

5. i'm thankful for my body
my eyes that can see, my ears that can hear, my voice, my legs, my heart, my health. i'm so thankful i have the ability to appreciate all the wonderful things this life has to offer.

6. i'm thankful for fun
and for all the friends that make it possible. i'm thankful for disco skating, for long chats with the roommates, for treat nights, for football games, for hot dates, for skip bo. i'm thankful for all of the wonderful people i know who make life so much more enjoyable. i love them all.

happy thanksgiving to all,
and thank you

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  1. you are wonderful.
    i'm thankful to have met such a perfect friend. lets stay friends forever okay? (: