Saturday, November 26, 2011

family adventures in red pea coat, part one

i like family.
i like adventures.
i like my new red pea coat.

this particular day we ventured a ways out of our city, San Fran to be exact, so we could go on a little excursion across the golden gate. for some reason i had never actually stood on the bridge, only driven across, so i was excited for the event. and it proved to be everything i hoped and dreamed it would be. 

looking at that city
we actually paid to use one of these. exciting
 moms and pops
 pretty city
 just a typical family shot
 there she is
 yet another typical family shot
why do i have to be the one behind the camera?
 love these two beautiful ladies. 
 jenn risked her life avoiding some serious bikers to get this shot
 i just like this
 the coin collector's dream
 oh how i love adventures
 guess who
 getting a little bridge crazy
 watch out, getting artsy
 another fam shot minus one. 

 woah. too much artsy?
the police man pulling over rogue bikers was humorous. 
 lots of bridge.
it was a great adventure. and it was actually really neat to get out on the bridge and look out at the city. and matching the bridge was a nice treat too. prepare yourself for part two: yet another picture overload. 

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