Monday, January 14, 2013

outfit obsession

do you ever purchase a new piece of clothing and love it so much that you end up wearing it every other day?

i have that problem, with this heart shirt from j.crew. in love.

in the city...
at church...
 for date night.

that's three times in one week!  if i can find a way to wear it, i will!!

 and now as a little graduation present...
 i'm off to spend a week in hawaii with this girl. here i come sunshine and happiness!!


  1. it's very cute! happy new year!

  2. Super cute shirt, I am the same way!! When I know I won't see anyone again the next day I just wear the same piece of clothing that I adore over and over! Oops! :)

  3. Love your heart shirt! It is DARLING! I know exactly what you mean when you get a new piece of clothing and wear it every other day!

    Now following!