Monday, January 28, 2013

island fog

did you see this post
because it is great. and hawaii was great. and i've been home for over a week, but i'm still living in a post-island fog of sickness that comes from a lack of sunshine and starting work. 

so even though it's been a while, it really was a dream come true, and i have more pictures to share.

so here i go.

every great day starts at the beach right? okay, not totally right. how about, if you start at the beach it's a guaranteed great day?
it gets better when you add fruit.
and lots and lots of sand messages.
soaking in sunshine. yum. 
 also, the waves were the biggest, bluest things i've ever seen. they were on the scary side. 
 after beachin' it for as long as possible we decided to head to a cute little north shore town called haleiwa. we searched for a bathroom in vain, ate at an adorable bakery, then decided to go all out and go paddle boarding! 

first we saw some of these.
and then we found uncle bryan who hooked us up with these!
we were so nervous we were going to end up taking a cool down... a.k.a. fall in. 

 we got the hang of it though.
and neither of us fell.
 it was seriously one of the coolest things i've ever done. the fact that we didn't have a camera was killing us because we were seriously in this hawaiian island oasis of beauty and wonderment. with giant sea turtles swimming around us and under us and by us. and the fact that we did get pictures in the end is a whole different story... trust me when i say that paddle boarding was amazing.
in haliewa, another must do is hit matsumoto's for some shave ice.
it's famous. it's the best. and there really is no d in shave ice.
 post-paddling and -icing we scurried home to get to the polynesian cultural center night show, which was also AMAZING! firedancing = crazy! 
the next day we got up early for the sunrise. woah.
 it was a little too early,
 but it sure was beautiful!
after we had breakfast at the hukilau cafe and then got back in bed for a few hours, we hit the beach again. naturally. and made friends with lots of lifeguards. one didn't stop flirting with us. he was fifty. no joke. 
he told us we were really pretty. thanks dude. shaka. 
beach day. 
we ate a divine hamburger at kahuku grill (making up for failed lemonades at kahuku market)
 and then went to explore the pcc and make bad decisions and get fake tatoos. yep. sweet. 
this was by the hamburgers. neat.
we ended the night at the temple which was just too good. it always is.

 the adventures didn't stop there. but i am, for now.

there is more to come.

my little sister got her mission call.
that's awesome.
more to come on that too.


  1. Ah this is making me pine for all things warm and happy haha. How fun that you got to visit Mindy. She's so darling :) Hope you get feeling better! Post vacation sickness is the PITS.

  2. Sigh. These pictures made me long for a warm exotic getaway. My husband and I are scheduled to visit Fiji in March, sooooooooooooo I have that to look forward to! I've never been to Hawai'i and these pics make me wanna go!!!!

    More Modern Modesty

  3. I don't know you, but I'm so happy for your little sister. I have my mission call too and it felt so good when I opened it, I realized that I really had been called to serve ♥