Thursday, January 17, 2013

island adventures

definitely living the dream on this here hawaiian vacation. 

we've hit up market places.
 done some great beach exploring.
last night was a grand night on the town in honolulu.
 and this morning we had a blast hiking crouching lion..
we climbed through the hawaiian jungle and wondered if we'd ever find the view we were looking for!
 though it took us a few good tries to find the actual trail, we eventually made it to the top.
 it was gorgeous!
a little panoramic
we made it. 
it was a seriously amazing view.
(loving the new panoramic feature on my phone)

and i love being reunited with mind!
 the mountain side we were hiking... the trail was quite strenuous.
it's me at the top of crouching lion.
fun friends.
 post lion we hit the chinaman's hat,
 and had a great time rocking one-pieces. 
hooray for sunny days. 
palm tree love!
 we finished the night with a sunset on sunset beach, of course.
 it was perfect.
 and what would the beach be without a sandy message to far away husbands?

so far, so good.
it's been a wonderful island adventure. 


  1. Just found you through Bridgette Nicole's blog and I'm your newest follower, love the design and my oh my am I jealous of where you're at! A beach and sand look fabulous right now especially with it being 20 degrees where I'm at! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. so many island adventures. can't wait to see what day 3 brings!!!! DCT

  3. I love your bathing suits! Super cute!

  4. These pics are beautiful! I'm so jealous! Just found your blog and am a new follower!

  5. ahh oahu! thats my home! :)
    what else have you done so far?
    did you go to the north shore?? they have amazing shrimp trucks that you need to try and the best snorkeling!! seriously such clear water with lots of fishies everywhere :)
    if you're lucky you'll see a turtle too!

    The DayLee Journal

  6. We are so happy that you have this moment in time to be in Hawaii. Fun to see you and Mindy sharing the spotlight in yellow-framed glasses and with beautiful Hawaii in the background. Looking forward to the next entry. Lots of love to you both. Grandpa and Grandma Hart

  7. these pictures are stunning!!!! so glad you are having fun! xox

  8. woho! it was an wonderful trip!! pics are beautiful!