Sunday, September 30, 2012

our wedding, part 3

the family

andrew and i were both lucky enough to marry both into awesome families. i might be biased, because i obviously think my family is fabulous... but i am pretty sure anj thinks they are great too. the barretts are also fabulous, though different from my family, they are so giving and gracious and it is so nice to have family close by. the best thing about it all is that our families get along great! we've had dinners and game nights and we are all best of friends. 

i'm so grateful to have two wonderful support systems. i love having two families to love!

not to mention, we both have fabulous extended families too, and plenty of wonderful friends.

check this great group. 

we are married. yippeee!
i will never be able to thank these two wonderful people enough. they have become some of my dearest friends and are full of wisdom and advice. they have given me such wonderful opportunities. i love you mom and dad!
 anj's parents are both wonderful people as well. i have loved getting to know them and growing closer with each visit. i love that they take such interest in my life and always care to know what i am up to, how i am doing in school, and how my family is. ruth, my mother-in-law, also makes the best rolls!
the barrett fam. missing the most recent addition, avery's darling husband curtis! 
 siblings are the best! we both have a younger sister then two younger brothers. 
 the bodines! no missing additions here. (jenn has yet to be swept up by some charming R.M. but who knows how long that will last..) i love these people so much, and i am so grateful for the close relationship we share.  i am also so grateful for how well andrew fits in! 
 more sibling shots. i love the relationship i have with each of these people, whether they are my actual siblings or andrew's. each has their own personality and they all are so fun to be around.
 what would family be without COUSINS? and especially girl cousins! such a great bunch.
 four generations! i felt so blessed to have my beautiful great grandma at my wedding, not many can say that! each of these beautiful ladies is such a great example to me.
 we love our grandparents, and these months of dating and marriage have allowed us to share special times with all of them. living in colorado for andrew's job let me spend time in the garden with my grandma hawes. waffle nights with the harts are some of the best, we can always count on them for laughs, and i consider them best friends. i love the sweet advice grandpa adams gave us about loving each other; i can always tell how much he loves his dear wife, who passed a little while back, and i know she was with us on this special day too. it's always fun to see grandpa barrett whenever we are in salt lake, he always seems so happy to see me and i love that. we are truly blessed to have such amazing grandparents. 
oh how i love them!
 it was the perfect day uniting these two very special families. i again am so grateful for all of their support and love. families are forever, and we really do have some of the best!
p.s. new addition curtis made it into this one! 

i love you all!

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  1. i am still basking in your wedding highlights. hope school is going well for all of you. i will have to come visit provo. it would be so fun to see where everyone lives. loved seeing you on the bridal mag. blog. you are gorgeous, and that is nothing new :)