Friday, September 7, 2012

it's not fair...

that i don't get to go to a fair every week! or that it has taken me so long to blog about when we did, but oh well.

we had a fabulous fair experience. i have no memories of going to a legitimate state fair, so when i heard that western idaho state fair was coming to town i knew we had to go. we managed to fit it in the day before i left boise, and i am so glad we did. i LOVED it. we loved it! the lights, the colors, the games, the rides, the hilarious people watching, the fair was exactly what i wanted it to be, and i want to share our fair experience with you.

 the fair is for tickets. a kind man who was leaving as we were entering gave us some ride tickets that got us through the night. how nice!
the fair is for lights. they just draw you in!
 the fair is for sweethearts. a girl and a boy.
 the fair is for animals. and pretending to feed them.
 the fair is for contests. and winning first place!
 the fair is for games. and mostly for losing them.
 the fair is for fishies. (probably a good thing we didn't win one, it might not have survived the move the next day..)
 the fair is for colors and prizes and lemonade!
 the fair is, of course, for ferris wheel rides,
for holding hands at the top, sitting side by side.
 the fair is for fun. for friends of all ages.
 the fair is for funnel cake. and huge stuffed gorillas?
 the fair is for silly slides. which is dangerous in dresses!

 the fair was for us. it could be for you too. i loved sharing the night with my best guy. (he even won me a prize at the balloon popping booth) it was such a treat and i was so glad we made it!

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