Monday, September 24, 2012

our wedding, part 2

just because these are some of my favorite photos from the weekend, i wanted to focus a whole post on

the bridal party

 ^this has got to be one of my favorite pictures. ever. so much joy. it might be faux joy, but nonetheless, it is great. 

first, the ladies.
[side note, i probably could have had 50 bridesmaids, there are so many girls i know and love!]
after an impossible search for matchy-match dresses, i finally decided to each her own! i tried to pick out dresses and accessories that fit each girl, and i was so happy with how it all turned out. how wonderful all these girls were, my best friend from high school, laura, even flew out for the occasion! it was interesting to see how the colors of our wedding morphed and changed as the months passed by. though very different from what i originally imagined, it ended up being perfect.
 next, the men.
the groomsmen were comprised of anj's high school "crew". they are all still around the great salt lake area, so it is fun to get to be with this "great group of guys" when we can. they love their jokes. they love sports. they love each other. you can count on them for a good time. and they all had brown shoes, truly a miracle! 
 i had so much fun with these girls. gotta love a good 'candid' laughing shot. they really are some of my best friends, some of the best examples, and some of the sweetest people i know. 
not sure if i can say the same for these folks... [only joking] but they are extremely good looking.
 this has got to be another fave. kissing = gross
 who jumps better? silly and sassy. i absolutely recommend fun people for bridal parties. check!
 group shots! i love, love, love that my photographer had us traverse this random field behind noah's. it made for some perfect pictures! i also love that five of my six bridesmaids were very much taken. 
 we are so grateful to you for being willing to be a part of our big day, wearing exactly what i told you too, being in countless pictures, dancing at the reception and helping out wherever you could. 


  1. I too love the fact that the bridesmaids were mostly taken... 4 now married kind of taken :) Love the pictures.

  2. These pictures are seriously too cute! Love them.