Thursday, September 13, 2012

keep portland weird. plus wedded bliss.

part I

leaving my husband for a day or two isn't my favorite thing, in fact, it might be my least.

so it was a great debate whether or not i should leave for portland a day early in order to have a fun day of sightseeing with my friends brandalyn and shelby. (you can ask anj, it really was a GREAT debate) in the end i decided it would be okay, and though i missed my anj quite a bit, it really was a wonderful day! so here are first some images from my little portland getaway...

flowers and green everywhere!

 we hit the food carts for lunch. apparently it's the 'thing' to do. 
cheap, tasty food from a cart? in every variety. i'll take it.
 then we did one thing i was probably most excited about... we went to voodoo doughnuts!
the line was out the door, but it was worth the wait.

 i might have been a little TOO excited about eating a doughnut.. but not as excited as the people behind us in line. 
 i couldn't resist the rainbow swirl. and the maple bacon? surprisingly tasty.
don't forget about those famous glitter brick walls.
 then we ran across the street to escape the creepy monkey dancing man and to take a picture with this classic sign!

portland to me: bikes, crazy monkey men, food carts, fun. love it!

part II

welcome to part II, where i talk about my best friend's wedding. i am so excited for my dearest friend mindy, because she was sealed for time and eternity to her darling love robbie in one of the most beautiful temples and surrounded by family and friends. they are so loved! it was the perfect wedding: she was absolutely beautiful, he looked so handsome, the dress was exquisite, the reception was the perfect mix of elegance and fun, there was even a fake getaway on a golf cart and a real getaway on a motorcycle! they are now off on a new adventure in hawaii, but until mindy decides she needs to start blogging, i figured i better share some pictures of this wondrous weekend. i love love. i love this couple. i love that my husband came to the reception. and who doesn't love weddings? 

we started off the morning making bridesmaids bouquets!
and then felt the joy as mind and robb were sealed and then greeted by all kinds of fam ad friends.
loved being with these beautiful ladies. 

 but most of all seeing how happy mindy was! (and is!)
 fake golf cart getaway.
 so in love!
 don't they just look good?
 had to have the bride take a shot of the post-party crew!
 the next night was their beautiful reception back in washington!
 little homemade details made it so fun!
the old marrieds and the newest newlyweds!
 can't lie my favorite part was probably the disco ball hanging from the basketball hoop..
 and then they escaped by motorcycle and rode it all the way to hawaii! 

it was such a blast and i am so excited for their new adventure! much love to you both.

sorry for such an overwhelming post. it probably should have been two, but it was all one weekend, right?

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