Friday, October 5, 2012

our wedding, part 4

just me and my guy

i can honestly say that there has never been a happier day in my life than april 21, 2012. proof: i usually can rock a good serious picture, but all of our serious pictures from this day look so silly because neither of us could stop smiling! we were so, so happy and in love, and i could not have asked for a more perfect day. i think that you can really feel that in these pictures. this guy, my husband, really is the best, and he is mine forever! these photos are some of my favorites from the day. 

this might be my most favorite. that is why it is first.
had to include the coming out of the temple experience. it's pretty surreal!
 i was adamant anj had cute socks. 
 i was also adamant that he wear a beige suit. i think he looks so, so, so handsome!
i also love this one. perfect bouquet shot!

 we could not have asked for a prettier spring day, temple grounds were top notch!
kisses. :)
 can't get enough of those tulips.. or those two lips.
single shots. can i say it again, my husband is so handsome, dapper, charming, hott!!!
ring a ding ding. gold for all!
i love this one too. it was definitely the wind that swept up my veil... perfect!
i picked out his cuff links while i was in france, secretly hoping he could maybe wear them on our wedding day. we got engaged about a week later. dreams come true! he designed the ring and it is simple, classic, and just beautiful. i still can't stop looking at it.
 we really were so happy. and i think we make a perfect pair!

thanks for bearing with me for all these wedding posts. i'm so glad i have a record of it now on my blog. i still plan on doing one on our lovely open house, but it will come later. so many fun things need to be talked about from the past two weeks. 

halloween has never been my most favorite holiday, but i am excited to put together a couple costume for our ward halloween party! (anj vote we just wear jazz jerseys and be "the jazz") let me know if you have a better idea... maybe vampires?
like i said... so in love! happy october everyone!


  1. I think Andrew nailed it with being the Jazz for Halloween. Best idea I've heard yet this year.

  2. You guys are SUCH a darling couple. I can't stop creeping on your blog, especially since all these wedding posts :) I'm so glad you're happy!

  3. love this post. your wedding photos are as beautiful as the two of you. i also love the first pic especially...the last one through me for a loop until i read the caption. it was great to see you last night.

  4. THE most beautiful wedding dress/pictures I HAVE EVER SEEEN!!!!!! :)